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[Pre-Launch Offer] Learn to tackle diseases in your general practice. Master rapid prescribing with specifics and key-note prescribing for 22 Common Ailments – No Trial and Error, Just Precision Prescriptions.

[Instant Access] Enroll in 3 hours of online course to manage all aspects of CKD in your practice incl. complications, Homeopathic management with common polycrest and rare medicines.

[Instant Access] Enroll in our comprehensive Homeopathy course that covers the management of skin, nail, and hair diseases, from common conditions like acne vulgaris to more complex issues like eczema and psoriasis.

"You either take control of your career or let destiny take control of you. It’s that simple."

[Instant Access] If you have a practice but don't get enough patients to sustain, then this is the exact course for you. Or if you consult online from home, then this course can help you grow your online consultation.

[Coming Soon] A comprehensive course on launching an online Homeopathy practice from scratch and practice from home at your convenience. From developing simple websites to using the payment gateway to collect fees.

[Planned] Learn how to use Homeopathic medicines in emergency situations. We cover practically all emergencies you can face at the OPD clinic and home before professional help arrives.

[Coming Soon] A comprehensive course on Bach flower remedies. Incorporate bach flower remedies in your Homeopathy practice and offer a more deeper healing to your patients.

[Recording] The most comprehensive course on Homeopathy Management of Cancer - A 3 Month Intensive Online Course.

[Coming Soon] More than 50% of our patients are female patients and managing their health issues is one of the most important parts of our practice. Get the secrets of management of female health issues with Homeopathy.

About Dr.Sourabh R Welling,M.D.

The institute is spear-headed by Dr.Sourabh Welling, founder of Welling Homeopathy chain of Clinics. He has 20 years of experience in Homeopathic practice. Within 10 years of the launch, he has grown the clinic brand from scratch to 8 clinics and consulted patients from over 108 countries.

All courses and syllabus are chosen specially for you to grow your practice and become financially independent and secure.

Learn from him and other senior industry experts who have gone through it, experienced it and live it everyday.

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